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La Carte

Starter of market menu 12€

Raw spanish ham, balsamic, parmesan and melon 15€

Saint-Félicien in the oven with toasts and dried fruits 14€

Caesar-style breaded  chicken salade with almonds 14€

Tomato and creamy mozzarella

with basil  12€

Homemade foie gras with bun, rhubarb and ginger jam 18€

Scallops and smoked haddock carpaccio 18€

Oysters Six...12€/ Twenty four..24€


Main course of market menu 18€

Fresh pasta with morel sauce and parmesan 20€

Whole grilled Sea bass or Sea bream 26€

Tenderloin of beef with:

Green pepper sauce 18€

Morel sauce 32€

Warm foie gras 34€

Creamy Risotto with:

Scalopps ans asparagus 26€

Vegetables 15€

Fillet of turbot with lime white butter sauce 28€

Whole grilled John Dory 32€


Homemade truffle Brie 10€

Selection of matured cheeses 12€

Vanillia ice cream puff with hot chocolate sauce and almonds 9€

Assortment of sorbets with fresh fruits and almond lace biscuit10€

Homemade Rum baba with exotic fruits and whipped cream 9€

White chocolate and raspberry tiramisu 9€

Red fruits with Limoncello syrup and lemon ice sorbet 8€


Children's menu 15€


Prix nets

Only fresh ingredients, excuse us if it ran out







Market menu 32€

Starter/Main course/Dessert


Served only for the lunch except Sundays and bank holidays


Starter/Main course

Or Main course/Dessert