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La Carte


Today's starter 12€

Small cheese and parsley ravioli with cream 10€

or with mushrooms cream 12€

Roasted camembert 9€

Marrow bone 10€

Home made duck foie 16€

Scallops with garlic butter and Serrano ham 18€

Chiken salade with anchovy sauce and Parmesan 16€

Tomato, Mozzarela and goat cheese cream

with Pesto 14€

Oysters Six...12€/Nine...18€/ Twelve...24€


Main course

Today's main course 17€

Whole grilled fish 24€

Tenderloin of beef with pepper sauce 26€

Tenderloin of beef with warm duck foie gras

and Mader sauce 34€

Turbot filet, morel mushrooms sauce 26€

Scallops and asparagus cream 25€



Selection of cheeses 9/10€

Today's desserts 8/9€





Our availables menus

30€: Menu à l'ardoise

42€ or 48€:

Menu sélection de la Carte

14€ & 18€ & 21€

Lunch only

(Not sunday

and bank holidays)